Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend update....i need to live in a bubble

im still alive.  happy belated st. patricks day! 
its usually my favorite holiday, but i spent my day at home and sick....same goes for the rest of the weekend.  if i haven't already mentioned it i am allergic to pretty much everything outdoors and quite a few things indoors.  springtime has come, painted houston yellow and assaulted my sinuses, thus causing the worst hay-fever ive had in a while.  anyone else get painful vision altering sinus pressure? when it gets really bad i get dizzy, nauseated , shaky and of course crazy headaches.  all around awful. 
when allergy meds dont cut it here are a few of my tricks for coping.
  • my neti pot - it closely resembles Aladdin's lamp, but instead of a genie its filled with distilled water and sterile saline (salt).  you pour it in one nostril and it comes out the other along with all the junk clogging your sinus'.  this really helps relieve my sinus pressure.  this is not the solution for everyone, do your research and talk to your doctor.
  • "gin-gins" or ginger chews - my mom introduced me to these.  they are exactly what they sound like, chewy nuggets of ginger candy.  ginger is known for its stomach soothing abilities.  its a very strong took me a while to get use to it, but its my go-to when my stomach is upset because of my allergies
  • peppermint oil - this is my go-to for just about anytime im not feeling great.  peppermint oil is inexpensive and can be found in your local health foods store (whole foods) in a tiny bottle.  dont be fooled by the size....a little goes along way (ive been using the same bottle for over a year and its not even halfway gone).  it releases this wonderful and powerful tingling sensation.  i usually rub it behind my ears and along the back of my neck.  STAY AWAY FROM YOUR EYES!! if you even get the fumes near your eyes they will burn and turn you into a crying baby.
  • the good 'ole ice/heat pack - i have quite a few homemade rice packs that i keep in the freezer (they can also be thrown in the microwave if you want heat).  see this post on how to make one.  i usually put one on the back of my neck and on my face.  i know i look crazy and im sure my husband rolls his eyes at me, but hey whatever works
  • otc pain killers - i wont share the brands or dosage but im sure you know your body and what your body can handle.  again it goes without saying consult your doctor before taking anything new.
  • sleep - sounds like a no brainer, but when all else fails i go to bed.  whether your body is being assaulted by pollen or germs a little extra sleep never goes awry.  it gives your body a chance to rest and restore.
enough of my allergy talk.  sorry for the long silence.  the next few weeks are shaping up to be busy as usual.  hope your weekend went well!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

paint by numbers collection

this morning over on Kaylah's blog, The Dainty Squid, she shared her vintage paint-by-number collection so i thought i would post up a pic (not a great one...sorry) so y'all could see my collection.  I've been collecting for a couple of years via thrifting, gifts and ebay.  i have them all hung on one big section of wall in my living/dinning room from floor to ceiling.  every time i add a new one the arrangement has to change.  its like playing a giant game of tetris.  i love all of them!  each one has its own bit of character or story.  ill get some better pictures taken one of these days.
do you have a vintage paint-by-number collection or another kind of collection you want to share? leave me a link and ill pop over and check it out.