Monday, October 1, 2012

Mani Monday

new segment!  I have become slightly obsessed with nail stamping.  yes....yes i have.
(*i feel husbands eyes rolling as i type)
since i usually change my polish on sunday's, so they are fresh to start the week, i have decided to start doing a mani monday segment.
this week i have two to share.  I did a special mani in celebration of a sweet little girl and her 2nd bday party (if you follow my instagram @ezzimcgee you would have seen the cake i did for her).  she loves the color purple and thats what i did.
I used Sally Hansen "Instant Iris" for the base color.  A purple holo from Milani...sorry dont remember the name...on my ring fingers.  Sally Hansen "Silver Sweep" to stamp with using the BM-307 plate (from the 2012 set).  FYI for you stampers out there "Silver Sweep" is awesome to stamp with - full opacity on dark colors including black.
Last night i decided to change it up for the week and I used Hard Candy's "Beetle" as a base color.  This color is really neat...the name describes it all.  Its a shimmery duelchrome with a black different light and angles you get purple, red, gold and a green black color....hard to capture on my camera.  I stamped over it with Revlon's "24k" using Cheeky 2012 summer plates CH-52.  As you can see this is a good non "special polish" in gold that works great on dark and light colors.
I purchased my plates on Amazon (just search "nail plates").  if you are interested in watching videos i really like "plasmaspeedo" videos on YouTube.

if you want to see more manicure ive done...or possibly ones i wont get around to posting here head on over to my instagram - @ezzimcgee