Friday, July 29, 2011

this just in....

just found this and should have totally put it in my friday favorites list from earlier
ladies and gentlebots
may i present
and its on sale!! hop on over to and pick one up for your very own for $10 + free shipping!!! bargin.
**hint hint babe...i want a burger phone

i heart friday!

here are some of my favorite interwebz finds from this week
1. This amazing embroidered portrait by Daniel Kornrumpf via Craftzine Blog

2. This awesome Art Nouveau inspired Amy Pond and the TARDIS artwork...pure excellence! i want a copy....anyone know where i can get a copy.....nevermind i found it here .  The artist is Bill Mudron who has done work for Disney and a bunch of other cool companies

3. This super neat handmade version of the American flag....from Free People ....i might have to make myself one to hang in my house somewhere

4.  This absolutely adorable Lady Fox Brooch by Hanaletters

5. This hand screened Navajo print scarf from Thief and Bandit.  Their store is really neat and full of comfy hand screen printed jersey knit products.  I do alot of hand screenprinting myself so i appreciate their stuff and the time they put into making it.

6. ive been following the blog "Easy makes me happy" for a while mainly because i love her crochet patterns available in her etsy shop ...i want this slipper pattern.  go check out the rest of her patterns which include a viking helmet crochet pattern for kids to's awesome!

7. this leather feather headband made from reclaimed leather....also by Thief and Bandit
I may attempt to make one similar but paint it to look like a pheasant feather

8. &9. these two necklaces from Shlomitofir ...they are so delicate and beautiful.  i dont like wearing really busy necklaces....mainly because my hair gets tangled in it, but also because i like to keep things simple.  She has so many other beautiful things in her etsy shop....many are on sale right now!!

i wont put a number 10 because this post is long enough already.  have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

now playing:tuesday - 2Cellos (again!)

a little while ago i posted a video of today's feature and since then they have release a full album of pop music covers.
today's feature is
This cello duet, from Slovenia and Croatia, have become a hit almost overnight.  They posted a video of themselves covering Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" this past January, 2011.  Their YouTube video received over 3 million views in the first two weeks!  Since then they have made countless appearances all over the world performing covers of popular music. 
They decided to put together a cd of popular music covers.  Recording wrapped in May and the album was just released last about working fast.
Their self titled album includes covers of bands such as U2, Muse, Nirvana, Guns 'N Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, and Coldplay.  If you are a fan of string and instrumental music you will really like this album.  You're probably thinking..."well does it sound like classical versions of these artists?" and the answer is no.  They do a really good job of getting the rock sound and intense beats in there....just with their cellos.  If you watched the video i posted a while ago you know they dont play gently....they break bows.
This cd has been in heavy rotation over the past week....i love it!!
I like to play string instrument music while at work....which is why i have several Pandora stations dedicated to just that.  If you like string instrument music that is more modern or does pop music covers you might want to make a Pandora station based on these artists:  Vitamin String Orchestra, Bond, Escala, The Section Quartet, and of course 2Cellos

As always...if there is music you would like me to try out and feature let me know.

Monday, July 25, 2011

sweet treats: cinnamon sugar nutella tortilla

had Nutella and cinnamon sugar tortillas been around during the time of the pretty sure todays "sweet treat" would have been their definition of ambrosia (food of the gods).
it sure as heck is my definition of ambrosia

What you need:
Nutella or any form of generic store brand Hazelnut spread with cocoa (i have Kroger brand) its just as good as Nutella
Cinnamon Sugar Flour Tortillas.  Now if you dont live in the south and cant get your hands on fresh made cinnamon sugar tortillas (also from Kroger) dont can use a regular flour tortilla and just sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar mixture before you add the Nutella
you will also need a small pad of butter....not margarine, not light cooking oil.  you need real BUTTER y'all (*me channeling Paula Dean). 

-add small pad of butter to skillet and let it melt
-add tortilla to skillet and coat both sides with melted butter
-let the tortilla "toast and/or fry" on both sides til it starts to brown and get crispy
-take tortilla out of skillet and spread liberal amounts of Nutella on the hot tortilla
(if you dont have pre-made cinnamon and sugar tortillas, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mixture on to your hot tortilla before you add the Nutella)

this is a super easy and fast little treat....and man-o-man is it delish.  i wont judge if you make yourself two of these things....i had two last night.....okay okay ill admit it....i had two and a half of these last night.   and they were goooood!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to stay CREATIVE!!!

saw this online today and felt it was necessary.....mainly for me, but maybe it will help you stay creative and inspired.
what have you been working on lately?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

now playing:tuesday - NEW INCUBUS!!!

o geez ive been waiting for this album for a while....and boy 'o boy the wait was worth it. 
the last two albums they put out (A Crow Left of the Murder and Light Grenades)
were good but i will admit they weren't my favorite.  ive been a fan of incubus since middle school - before they made it big (yes im one of those people who feels they must say that every time...sorry).  if i had to name my favorite album it would have to be Morning View....because it still sounded like them, but was laid back and chill.  i could put that cd on repeat and not get tired of wasn't "noisy" (for lack of a better word).  while i like that "noisy" aspect about their other albums, i definitely appreciated a chill album....and kinda been waiting for something similar.
folks.....we got it!  The new Incubus album - If Not Now, When?
has the similar chill quality that i fell in love with with Morning View. 
Thats the best i can describe it.  If you like Morning View you will like "If Not Now, When?".  Not sure? - go test it out on iTunes.  iTunes is currently selling a special edition version with 5 videos and a couple other 'album only' bits for $14.99 - which i dont think is bad at all!!
Let me know how you like it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

friday DIY: How to make your sunnies not give you a headache

does anyone else get headaches from tight sunglasses or headbands? or is it just me?

i dont have a big head but for some reason its really sensitive to pressure.  whenever i attempt to wear plastic or thick framed sunglasses or headbands i get an instant headache....that doesnt necessarily go away when i take said sunnies off....its annoying.
needless to say i have several sunglasses that i own and cant wear because, while they didnt give me a headache for the 30 secs i had them on in the store, they give me a headache when i actually wear them for longer than 30 sec outside the store.....bummer

i voiced my annoyance to my mom one day and she said...."just take a nail file to them"....wha?
folks....listen to your mother....she is brilliant!!! 
this worked like a charm on my favorite pair of sunnies....that i havent worn since i bought them 1 year ago. (yes they are my favorite even though i didnt wear them...the color is awesome!)

all you have to do is take a corse nail file to 'em.
no seriously thats it.  all you need is for the arms open wider (so its not so tight). 
the arms on plastic sunglasses usually meet the hinge at a blunt flat 90 degree angle.
(1.) starting the outside edge, file...file...file until you start to make it more of a 45 degree angle.  it doesnt take much.
(2.) make sure you are making the angle even all the way doesnt matter that much but it makes it 'look' cleaner when you are finished.
try 'em they fit better? if they are still too tight then file some more

this may not work on all glasses (mainly for plastic frames).....use your better judgement....but man this worked like a charm on mine.  i was able to wear these all the way to work today with no headache!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

crafty crafty : crocheted peter pan slippers

i poke around several craft blogs on a regular basis....i like to see what is out there and get inspiration for new projects or gifts to make.  one of those crafy blogs is Craftzine .  while perusing the crochet area of the blog i found this super cute pattern for peter pan slippers that can be made for infant-adult sized feets.  its not a free pattern but it will only set you back $4.50 on Ravelry (if you knit or crochet you should be a member of this site!)
how cute are they? they turn up at the toes!!  i think im going to make the back/heel come up a little its more of an ankle boot then a slip-on.  the pattern is simple and quick...i finished my pair in a couple of hours.  i think i know what a few people will be getting for xmas!!

weekend update : lake house

this holiday weekend our good friends took us to their lake house for a little rest and was perfect.
their lake house is just outside of Marble Falls, Texas (which is just outside of Austin). we usually go up there to antique, play bingo, and do a whole lot of nothing

1.Love the retro charm of the country 2. Large metal bluebonnets 3.The tin Tarzan lunchbox that i regretfully left behind..i cried a little bit (ive been collecting tin lunchboxes for 14 years) 4. Funny autographed pic of Sigfried and Roy(sp?) 5. totally awesome indian chief hook-rug pillow (it smelled funny otherwise it would have come home with me). 6. awesome glassware sets all over the place...seriously it was hard to pass up 7. beautiful drawing/etching of a Lady. 8. BINGO!! dave won $95 bucks...i was this close to winning $700...damn. 9. our friends awesome dog...Bonnie...i love her mismatched eyes!

we went antiquing nearly all saturday afternoon.  i bought several vintage hankerchiefs for myself and my mom (yes...we actually use them) as well as a sweet daisy enamel pin and a vintage gold feather pin....but accidentally left them at the lake house so i dont have pics to show you....bummer.
we also ate several times (almost everyday) at our favorite place in Marble Falls
The Blue Bonnet Cafe
This place is famous for their pies.  I'm talking pies with giant height of some are around 8" tall folks.  They also have slammin' omelets for breakfast....served with amazing hashbrowns and a piece of Texas toast the size of your head.
we tried the cherry pie this time....Dave's favorite is thier peanut butter pie
sorry....ill stop was a great weekend.  cant wait til next time.