Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moroccan Oil vs. Sally's Faux Moroccan Oil

this past weekend i stoped by Sally's to pick up some dry shampoo and i noticed that they carry an Off-brand Moroccan Oil.  Since I was just about to run out of my REAL Moroccan Oil i decieded to by their little sample bottle and give it a try (the one on the right - $2).  the first time i used it i only used a small amount - just in case....and everything seem fine....not much different from the real thing.  I was kind of i can buy this off-brand for a half the price of the real-deal and its just as good!
i used it for the second time this morning and used the same amount i would have used of the REAL Moroccan Oil.  Lets just say i my hair looked better before i washed it than it did after i washed and put this crap in it.  it was so greasy and oilly that i couldnt tell if my hair was wet or dry unless i touched it.  GROSSS!!  i had to empty half a bottle of dry shampoo in it just so i would look presentable enough to go to mad. so dont use this...spend the extra money for the real Moroccan Oil - your hair will thank you.

Now....that being said...there is another Argan Oil product put out by this "Proclaim" Brand that i will recommend....but not for your hair
its a spray oil for your body and hair. I think i paid $7 for it and its a pretty good sized bottle.  just some background info for ya - my body does not like lotion.  what do i mean by that? my body rejects lotion - for exaple, 10 min after i put lotion on... my legs/arms push it back out.  i know....i know...that sounds really weird and unlikely...but its true. i can put lotion on, rub it in, and in around 10 min or so i have lotion once again sitting on top of my skin getting all over my clothes and whatever is around me.  so neadless to say...i never use lotion.  i have in the past used sesame oil instead of lotion but i dont like the smell and its toooo oilly. 
so i bought this "Natural 7 Oil".  i dont recommend it for your hair...but i do for your skin.  i use it right after the shower...a little goes a long way so dont go crazy with it.....even if you do it will eventually soak in.  it makes my legs and arms really soft - no more sandpaper elbows!!  and big plus it doesnt leave a weird oilly/greasy/sticky residue....once its soaked in it just leaves your skin soft.  HORRAY!!!

thats all for now about beauty products ranting.  im going to try to put together a post about my favorite summer make-up and beauty products - on the cheap! stay tuned

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

now playing:tuesday

i found this weeks artist on the cover of the current issue of Foam Magazine (surf, art, music magazine):

Lykke Li
"Wounded Rhymes" is the second album from this young Sweedish songstress.  Her sound is a mix of indie rock, pop, and a little electronic hipster.  The thing that drew my attention is her almost Stevie Nicks "raspy voice." In my eyes no one comes close to Stevie Nicks....but Lykke Li has that raspy quality to her voice.  Most of the songs on the album are upbeat and will definately be put on my "Driving to the beach" playlist.
So far Lykke has been featured in a few movie soundtracks, including the Twilight Saga's "New Moon" and "Sorority Row"(? never heard of that movie).  She has also performed at 2009s Coachella and Lollapalooza.
She is definately one to check out and watch.  Her album "Wounded Rhymes" is now available on iTunes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

friday DIY: pretty flower halo!

finally....i had time to put together an original DIY. 
this week i made a pretty flower halo. ive seen halo type headpieces in fashion/blogs a lot lately and i think they are so whimsical and fun....why not?
sure you might have to build up the courage the wear it out in public...but hey...who cares what someone else thinks....wear whatever makes you feel pretty.
supplies: ribbon, silk flowers, felt, scissors, glue gun and extra glue

Step 1. Pull your flower buds off their stems (they should just pop off) and seperate each level of petals from the "post".  Note: if there are any plastic "shapers" (like the clear piece at the bottom left of #1) keep them you will need them
Step 2. Glue your you petals together (sans "post") with hot glue.  be sure to glue your plastic "shapers" where they were originally (this will give you flower shape instead of being flat) - watch out for that hot hurts real bad!!

Step 3 and 4. Now you need to remove the post from your stamen area? You should be able to just push it out the can see this in #4. 

Step 5. Now that you have the "post" removed, glue the stamen part to the middle of your already glued together rose (from step 2). Now do a mock layout of how you want your flowers arranged so you know where to glue them
Step 6. Cut a strip of felt long enough to get the length you want (i did a partial halo, but you can make one that goes completely around your head).  My strip was about 1.5 inches wide.  I chose a tan felt because my hair is blonde and it would blend better.  If you need to glue two strips together to get your length thats fine...i had to.  Start gluing your leaves first and then your flowers.  make sure that everything is secure.

Step 7. Finish gluing your flowers.  My flower bundle had little tiny roses and some green bud things so i glued those around to fill in bare spots and add more texture and depth.
Step 8. Cut off your excess felt so that it doesnt show from the front.  Since I did a partcial halo i cut two pieces of ribbon and glued one to each side of the felt so that the halo could be tied on.  if you want a full halo carefully measure your felt so that it will wrap around your head comfortably and glue your ends together to form a floral ring of glory

Step 9. I glued a little cover over where my ribbon was just to make it more neat looking...but you dont have to
Step 10. Stand back and look at the glourious halo you just made.  Pat yourself on the back and have a celebratory drink of your choice.  This is also where i tried it on and looked for places i needed to glue down leaves/petals to cover the felt.

yay your done! you can see the front and the back (in the mirror).  Hope you enjoyed this DIY
Please send me picks of yours i wanna see what y'all came up with.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


this weeks interwebz surfing has yielded the following wants:

this crocheted hoodie from Free People
this leather clutch/pouch purse from American Apparel in tan

this beautiful cartigan from Anthropologie....why must it cost so much?

this print from Shepard Fairey - the OBEY guy....i want it jumbo sized

i think thats all i bookmarked this week....but there is always more...always.

ps...i have a really cute and fun original DIY coming up on the blog on sure to stay tuned!  if you want a sneak peak head on over to my twitter (@mistres_cupcake) or my instagram (ezzimcgee)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

now playing:tuesday

this weeks artist is:
Lia Ices
I heard about her via a "Starbucks Pick of the Week card" that i picked up while getting my morning coffee.  so i typed her name into my phone and tested her out.  all of 45 sec into listening to the tester tracks on iTunes I was punching "Buy Album" (this was last wed) and i have been listening to her on repeat ever since then...well i did mix in some Jack Johnson....but she has dominated my playlist this past week.
Grown Unknown is the second album of this Brooklyn native. 
If you are a fan of Feist, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, or Florence +the Machines then you will LOVE this album.  Its very airy and ethereal....and just plain beautiful.  I love her flower i smell a inspired DIY....yes...yes i do. 
put it down on your to-do list for today to check this girl wont regret it.

as always...if there is an artist you think i should try out drop me a comment.  i love music and keep a pretty open mind when it comes to new sounds and artists.