Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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this weeks artist is:
Lia Ices
I heard about her via a "Starbucks Pick of the Week card" that i picked up while getting my morning coffee.  so i typed her name into my phone and tested her out.  all of 45 sec into listening to the tester tracks on iTunes I was punching "Buy Album" (this was last wed) and i have been listening to her on repeat ever since then...well i did mix in some Jack Johnson....but she has dominated my playlist this past week.
Grown Unknown is the second album of this Brooklyn native. 
If you are a fan of Feist, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, or Florence +the Machines then you will LOVE this album.  Its very airy and ethereal....and just plain beautiful.  I love her flower halo....do i smell a inspired DIY....yes...yes i do. 
put it down on your to-do list for today to check this girl out....you wont regret it.

as always...if there is an artist you think i should try out drop me a comment.  i love music and keep a pretty open mind when it comes to new sounds and artists.

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