Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moroccan Oil vs. Sally's Faux Moroccan Oil

this past weekend i stoped by Sally's to pick up some dry shampoo and i noticed that they carry an Off-brand Moroccan Oil.  Since I was just about to run out of my REAL Moroccan Oil i decieded to by their little sample bottle and give it a try (the one on the right - $2).  the first time i used it i only used a small amount - just in case....and everything seem fine....not much different from the real thing.  I was kind of i can buy this off-brand for a half the price of the real-deal and its just as good!
i used it for the second time this morning and used the same amount i would have used of the REAL Moroccan Oil.  Lets just say i my hair looked better before i washed it than it did after i washed and put this crap in it.  it was so greasy and oilly that i couldnt tell if my hair was wet or dry unless i touched it.  GROSSS!!  i had to empty half a bottle of dry shampoo in it just so i would look presentable enough to go to mad. so dont use this...spend the extra money for the real Moroccan Oil - your hair will thank you.

Now....that being said...there is another Argan Oil product put out by this "Proclaim" Brand that i will recommend....but not for your hair
its a spray oil for your body and hair. I think i paid $7 for it and its a pretty good sized bottle.  just some background info for ya - my body does not like lotion.  what do i mean by that? my body rejects lotion - for exaple, 10 min after i put lotion on... my legs/arms push it back out.  i know....i know...that sounds really weird and unlikely...but its true. i can put lotion on, rub it in, and in around 10 min or so i have lotion once again sitting on top of my skin getting all over my clothes and whatever is around me.  so neadless to say...i never use lotion.  i have in the past used sesame oil instead of lotion but i dont like the smell and its toooo oilly. 
so i bought this "Natural 7 Oil".  i dont recommend it for your hair...but i do for your skin.  i use it right after the shower...a little goes a long way so dont go crazy with it.....even if you do it will eventually soak in.  it makes my legs and arms really soft - no more sandpaper elbows!!  and big plus it doesnt leave a weird oilly/greasy/sticky residue....once its soaked in it just leaves your skin soft.  HORRAY!!!

thats all for now about beauty products ranting.  im going to try to put together a post about my favorite summer make-up and beauty products - on the cheap! stay tuned

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