Tuesday, November 16, 2010

its good to be reminded from time to time...

i complain every once in a while about not having enough money or not having the nicest things, but i try and remind myself that i am truely blessed to be where i am and have what little i do have. 

we are coming up on Thanksgiving.  what are you thankful for?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

meet my new winter coat

this is a totally not going to be an interesting post but i wanted to share because im excited about it.  last weekend old navy was having a big coat sale and i scored myself a beautiful white wool duster/trench peacoat. 
isnt it lovely?  plus who could complain about getting a $90 coat for $45? no one thats who.  on top of all of that it fits like a dream.  usually i find coats that fit ok....the arms are usually too short or wonky in the chest and shoulders....but not this time.  the cut is perfect.  i also bought a white knit beanie to wear with it.  i wish i had bought the red fedora i found last year...it would look awesome with this coat.

now if it would just get cold outside.  the high today in Houston 75....thats with no sun.  the high for tomorrow.....85.  eww.....just plain wrong for mid November. 

whats your winter wardrobe looking like? anything fun?


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tombstones, owls and a belly

it occured to me that ive done a few cakes in the past couple of weeks and i hadnt showed ya'll yet....sorry about that.  about a week or so ago (halloween) i made a birthday cake for the lovely miss. shelby, a halloween baby.  she requested a halloween themed birthday cake for her costume party.  so i decided to make a tombstone and grave cake.  i think it turned out pretty cool....she loved it!
the cake was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, then coated in oreo cookie "dirt."  the tombstone was a giant rice crispy/crunch berries treat, that i carved to look like a tombstone, and then covered in a marbled fondant.  and of course,you cant have a grave cake with out a skeleton hand coming out.....shelby totally dug it....she was comparing her hand to it to see if it was accurate....so funny.

next up was my good friend erica's family baby shower cake/cupcakes.  they wanted a smallish preggy belly cake and cupcakes with an owl theme.  so this is what i came up with.
Mocha cake with sweet cream filling
Photo courtesy of Sara Van Buskirk
gumpaste tulips turned into owls (hey you gotta make due with what you got sometimes)

Gumpaste owls and leaves, hand piped with royal icing
Photo courtesy of Sara Van Buskirk
I think everything turned out ok....what do you think? ive been pretty busy with cakes recently, which from a business standpoint is great, but at the same time I have a full time job in addition to my cakes and its tiring.  I love making cakes...each cake is unique and different and presents new challenges.....which is one of the main reasons i am drawn to do them.  if you haven't checked out my website already i would love to have you visit http://www.littlegreenboxshoppe.com/ or click on the portfolio tab at the top. If you live in the Houston area and are interested give me a call!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10 things about me

 1. i am a Harry Potter nut....no really.  i cant even count how many times ive read, listened, and watched the books/movies.  im totally geeking out over HP7P1 movie....less than 20 days!!

2. i heart yarn, knitting, crocheting and yarnbombing....what can i say...i got it from my momma

3.  i make custom cakes and cupcakes....visit my website at http://www.littlegreenboxshoppe.com/

4. i collect tin lunchboxes....i have around 100 now...give or take a few

5. i love feathers and all things native american....my fam has indian blood somewhere down the line.  but i mainly just find it very beautiful and natural
6. i was a hippie in a previous life....i dont really believe in that sort of thing....i just really love the mellow/natural/flowy style

7.  i heart tattoos...it was always a dream of mine to be a tattoo artist....maybe one of these days
8.  ive collected hello kitty my whole life....i cant help it she is too dang cute.  i dont have nearly as much stuff as some people ive seen on the internet.....i limit myself to a few things here and there.
9. i dont like donuts....i know thats weird...but i just cant eat them
10. i have the most amazing boyfriend....whom i loves very much

thats all for now.  i will from time to time post other "10 things about me" episodes. all photos, except dave's, are from weheartit.com