Wednesday, May 25, 2011


its been a while since i did a wishlist:wednesday...or a blog post for that here goes

i love these pretties from ModCloth
im in love with these feather cookies made by CookieBoy. I cant understand half of her website but her cookie creations are amazing.  the feather cutter was made custom for her....and having some experience in making custom cookie cutters I may try and make my own because these are amazing....these might make an appearance at my wedding!!! 

speaking of feathers....i have been craving a light grey feather tattoo on my inner bicep....i can feel Dave's eyeroll and *facepalm right now....but what can i fits my personality and ive wanted it for several years now. maybe the feather from my logo ^?

ok....well what about a "new skool" style cupcake tattoo?  preferably a more realistic looking one like the one on the right....but not chocolate cake...maybe redvelvet or vanilla with pink frosting? (source)

anything fun you've been wishing for lately? other than winning the lottery and world peace?
stay tuned...later this week i have a fun inspired DIY just in time for summer

Monday, May 16, 2011

my blog 1 years old!!

i totally missed it!! i just realized that my blog just turned 1 years old last week!!

let me know if there is something you would like to see more of....give me ideas people!!

weekend update

it was a crazy busy weekend....which only included about 7 hours of sleep total...yikes. 
i had 2 custom cakes and 2 dz custom cupcakes....both for great friends.
Dave had a show this weekend with his spanish band La Sien.  The bill also included Making Movies - bilingual band out of Kansas City.....these guys are awesome on and off the stage (see my NowPlaying:Tuesday for more info about them)
here are some pics of this weekend....there is only a few because i was having to much fun to remember to take pics.
my first finished friendship bracelet since like the 4th grade
Graduation cap and diploma cake
custom graduation cupcakes (lemon and coconut)
polka-dots for a precious 3 year old girlie
Making Movies on stage
funny story about the show on Saturday night - the booking agent double booked the night.  it was supposed to only be spanish bands....but it turns out that he had also accidentally books a rapper showcase with like 12 different local rappers.  so both rappers and the spanish bands not going to was an awkward mix of people.  but sticking around til almost 2am to hear Making Movies was well worth we got to hang out with them all night prior to them going on.  cant wait to hang out and listen to them play again!

until next time

Friday, May 13, 2011

Trend Spotting : Friendship Bracelets (repost - since Blogger deleted the first one)

Friendship Bracelets

ok....lets try this again (Thank you Blogger for deleting the original posting)
lately i have seen in several fashion blogs and magazines a new accessory trend going around....a fun blast from the past.....Friendship Bracelets.  you could easily sub in some metallic floss and do a black, white, and metallic scheme for a more "grown-up" sophisticated look.....maybe? i could just be reaching for an excuse to wear bracelets halfway up my arm again......i just sensed an eye roll from my mom...hehe


(source for all of the above)
now i dont know about you....but i loved making them back in the elementary days.  i had a floss box that i would carry around filled with every color of the rainbow, complete with a price list - printed out via my dot matrix printer, and i would make custom friendship bracelets and sell them for .50 cents.  even back then i had dreams of being a professional crafter....still haven't achieved that yet....but maybe one day. 

as you can see form the pics above.....the patterns have gotten more and more complex.  so if you are interested in picking this fun past-time back up here are some youtube video links that will help you out.
for more videos and how-tos look for "BeyondBracelets", "ChivonnesSecret" or "Hollistergirl1O1" - these are the 3 girls that ive gotten the most clear instructions from.  You can also go to for patterns