Wednesday, May 25, 2011


its been a while since i did a wishlist:wednesday...or a blog post for that here goes

i love these pretties from ModCloth
im in love with these feather cookies made by CookieBoy. I cant understand half of her website but her cookie creations are amazing.  the feather cutter was made custom for her....and having some experience in making custom cookie cutters I may try and make my own because these are amazing....these might make an appearance at my wedding!!! 

speaking of feathers....i have been craving a light grey feather tattoo on my inner bicep....i can feel Dave's eyeroll and *facepalm right now....but what can i fits my personality and ive wanted it for several years now. maybe the feather from my logo ^?

ok....well what about a "new skool" style cupcake tattoo?  preferably a more realistic looking one like the one on the right....but not chocolate cake...maybe redvelvet or vanilla with pink frosting? (source)

anything fun you've been wishing for lately? other than winning the lottery and world peace?
stay tuned...later this week i have a fun inspired DIY just in time for summer

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tamara said...

That's an awesome feather tatt