Thursday, June 2, 2011

o lordy....its been a crazy couple of weeks

lets just start off by saying that i hate car troubles.....hate. 
over the past month or so i noticed that my car a/c was doing the "hissing" that it did last summer....great....just compressor is broke again...AGAIN!
so i took it in to be fixed and thankfully that part was still under warranty from last a week later....a full 5 days later i finally get my car back (after a long hot week of bus riding) and the a/c is still being wonky.  its cold when im moving but not when im stopped.....awesome.  just in case you are not savy to summers in Houston....its flippin HOT.....we were registering triple digits this weekend folks.  so sitting stopped in traffic with outside air blowing on you really sux.

long story short....i just took it back in today to get whatever else is wrong with it fixed....and for my troubles i got a free loaner about touchy breaks (whiplash at the stoplights).
here are some pics from last week and this weekend. was hot this weekend  2.dave had a great show 3. we picked 18 lbs of blueberries on monday (weak...ususally its around 30) 4.and made jam with the berries

ill be back later today with a new NowPlaying and DIY (which i owe you from last week...yikes!)

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