Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the weekend:in pictures

sorry its been a while since my last post but life got crazy last week....and with a plumbing emergency sunday and monday nothing else has gotten done.

friday...atleast i think it was friday....dave and i went to China Town and got Bahn Mi subs for dinner.  i know....i know...Bahn Mi is Vietnamese but this restaurant, Grival, is in China Town.  Folks let me tell you they make the best Bahn Mi subs....ever!!! so so so yummy.  afterwards we went to the Asian Grocery Store and bought a big box of Hello Panada Cookies and some Green Tea ice cream.....omg so good.
saturday i had to deliver cupcakes to my friends son's 2nd bday party....we had lots of fun...but it was wicked crazy hot outside.
if you look at the temp on my rear-view you can see it says 106...106 people and probably 90% humidity.....good 'ole Texas summers. ick.  at one point during the day my temp read out actually said 108....yikes.
dave and I started a new cross-stitch project...a large Zelda alphabet and i started sewing together the hundreds of mini granny squares (each square equals 1 pixel - about 3" each) that will eventually make an afghan that looks like my pattern on the far right.....ive been working on this thing for probably a year now and im so ready to have it done. 
the pattern is based on this tile work....wicked is awesome btw.

ill be back later with a new NowPlaying:Tuesday.

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