Thursday, June 9, 2011

HairSpiration: the "no 'poo" movement....shampoo that is

"No 'Poo" - Has anyone heard of this?
  i saw this post on Re-Nest yesterday and had to pass it on.
(this directly from the Re-Nest site folks...i did not write this)

"Practitioners of the "no 'poo" movement point out that shampoo is designed to strip away all the natural chemicals in your hair and scalp, which are then artificially replenished by conditioner. Going shampoo-free helps your head restore its natural balance."
Here's how to do it:

1. Start with 1 tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water - the mixture should be cloudy, not gritty or pasty. Apply to the roots and work through the rest of your hair with your fingertips.

2. Condition with apple cider vinegar, with 1tbsp to 1 cup of water. You can also add a few drops of essential oils, some honey or a bit of lemon juice.

3. To get rid of build-up on the scalp, try a brown sugar scrub: 2 tbsp brown sugar mixed with conditioner or honey.

4. Rinse with water every week, and supplement by shaking in an absorbent powder like corn starch or rice flour, then brushing it out with a natural bristle brush.

5. If you need to refresh or deodorize your hair between washes, try a lavender mist. Add 5 drops of pure lavender essential oil to a half gallon of distilled water (or bring tap water to a boil, simmering for an hour). Spritz onto hair using a spray bottle.
after reading through the comments on the original Re-Nest post, most of the comments were positive! some mentioned that if you have oily hair that you might, during the beginning/transition stage, have itchy flaky scalp.  If you stick with it those problems will go away.  my hair is pretty dry and only requires a good washing about 2 times a week.  so i may give this a try.  for the past 6+ months i have been using a sulfate free shampoo and love hair has been slower to get oily since using it.....but its so dang expensive.  maybe this is the solution for cheap, clean and healthy hair? 
your thoughts?


b* said...

I have naturally curly, dry AND dyed hair so I already shampoo only twice a week with sulfate free as well... I don't see why this couldn't work... i wonder if it strips color? (kinda funny i guess, worrying about other chemicals being stripped in attempting to de-poo-ify your hair?)

if you try it out, let us know!! i'm totally intrigued now.

Little Lo Hood said...

hey there! found you via Freckled Nest! I think this is such a great post! I really feel like I need to try this..seems like a really natural way to take care of your hair! thanks for sharing! :) -Lo