Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend update

man this weekend was too short....right?
i had a baby shower cake to deliver to college station for a friend of mine Kim.
her shower was loosely themed after Shel Silverstein's children's books.  she told me her and the hubs really like his "Underwater Land" album so i decided to make the octopus from the album the main focus of the cake

isnt he cute....i cant get over how good he came out.  i kinda want to make one out of modeling clay and keep him on my desk.  the cake was my organic lemon cake with lemon curd and sweet cream fav flavor!
yesterday (sunday) i got sucked into watching the "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" marathon that was on TLC...anyone else find themselves glued to the tv? man...that show is cra-cra.
i was productive while i was watching though.  i started dying and making coffee filter roses for my wedding

what do you think?  i dyed them ivory, light green, and light cant really tell from the pic but it makes them look much more natural than stark white.  i love these roses...they look pretty real, elegant....and most!!!  ill most more pics later.  last night was just a test run.  for more info on how to make them please visit Aunt Peaches tutorial on how to make these lovely blooms....this woman is seriously brilliant.
how was your weekend?


Windsor Grace said...

OMG, that cake is so adorable!! Ridic

dave said...

My weekend was good. Recorded Drums at the studio... but you already knew that. Love ya - your future hubs

tamara said...

Those are beautiful flowers, and that octopus is adorable! You should definitely sell them (non-edible versions) on etsy :)