Monday, February 28, 2011

blah blah has been such a blah day.  i didnt sleep well last night.....crazy dreams all night long....and i guess i didnt get much sleep.  usually i snap out of the sleepy funk about mid-morning, but not today.  ive been randomly nodding off all day.
anyone else had this problem today? sorry this post isnt the least bit entertaining, but i felt the need to put something down.  ill do my best to be more lively tomorrow.  ill leave you with a fun photobooth pics from this weekend (via the "Pocketbooth" app on my phone)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


ive been looking at alot of summer stuff....esp since our 4 weeks of winter-ish weather is now past and the 80+ degree weather is here.  time to put away
the sweaters (very sad for me because i LOVE sweaters)

here are the things im crushing over this week

this super cute "saddle bag" from

this classic Mickey Mouse watch on Amazon

this super cute tunic dress (how cute would that be with a big brown westerny belt?)
also from Alloy .  i might cave and buy it...its on clearance and may not be available much longer (esp in my size)
 and i want this in a large poster format for my stairwell.  its done by Shepard Fairey....and its freaking awesome! i have a wall in my stairwell that is two storys tall and a large poster of this would be awesome! dave found this pic and sent it to me...i have no idea where to find it....but i want it.

i think thats all for now.  anything you've been eyeballin' lately?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

im going to do today's entry on
Cake - Showroom of Compassion
(their new album)

what can i say.....i love Cake.  this album did not disappoint at all!!!
im really digging "Long Time", "Mustache Man", "Easy to Crash."  Their sound is the same....its still very Cake, but stightly a good way.  i dont know what else to say about it....its a great album!  if you are a Cake fan you will definately love it.  its available for $7 on iTunes (non deluxe version)...or if you want an extra song and video its $12.
let me know what you think

if there is a band/songwritter you think i should check out or feature let me always open to new stuff.

Monday, February 21, 2011

iPhone 4...out with the old and in with the new

this weekend i was finally able to retire my sad little iPhone 3G and upgrade to the iPhone 4.
and i couldnt be happier.  dave and i have been anxiously awaiting the time when we both had the 4 because of the face-to-face calling (where ever wifi is available).   since we live on the other side of town from each other...and our schedules...we dont really get to see each other until the weekends.  now, thanks to technology we can see each other every night!
we tried this for the first time last night....its so cool.  i know i know...its not that big of a deal to most people but its super cool for us.

here is a pic of us being goofy and doing a brady bunch style photo.  side note: im really not orange...its the lighting in my room.  it was so much fun to be able to see his face while we talked on the phone last night.  i cant wait for the day when you dont need to have wifi to do this.
has anyone else tried this yet? i wanna hear

Thursday, February 17, 2011 water bliss

today was a long but glorious day.  
i havent had hot water for a while....i wont say how long but trust me its been a very long time.  today the nice men of Abacus Plumbing came by and installed a new hot water heater.  i cant describe how happy...elated....overjoyed i am.  they arrived at 8:30am and by 4pm i had hot water.  
what was the first thing i did with my hot water?  loaded the dish washer.  has anyone out there had to wash your dishes with cold water and then do the dip in boiling water?  it takes forever and you almost always come out with burnt fingers.  i wont miss it.

i will be taking a lot more long baths...thats for sure.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


o all the fun things that i want.  to name a few....
this two finger feather ring...which unfortunetly is sold out on modcloth

i also want this  feather and chain "ear cuff" that goes over the ear modcloth

a new turntable to listen to all the vinyl that dave and i have collected from the thrift and Half Price Books

and finally...a new electric violin.  not anything fancy or super pricey...but i kinda want an electric only ("silent") violin so i can practice until all hours of the night and not disturb my neighbors....thank you paper thin walls.

wishlist:wednesday will probably become a weekly installment so stay tuned for more!

now playing:tuesday (a day late....oops)

sorry that im a day late on this post...but things get busy
this week i wanted to talk about

Esperanza Spalding

dave introduced me to her a couple of years ago when she released her first album "Esperanza"  Naturally he loved her music because she is a bass player and had a great voice (he is a bass player to). She has recently released a new album called "Chamber Music Society"....which is brilliant by the way. she has been playing music her whole life and has now made a huge place for herself in the music industry by taking home the "Best New Artist" award at this years Grammy's....beating out Justin Bieber...and i couldnt be happier for her.  Learn more about Esperanza by visiting her 
gosh she is so beautiful

definitely check her out if you havent already done that yet. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valnetines day!!

i hope everyone has a happy valentines day

ps....i love you dave!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wish list...

man i really need to win the lottery or something....because there is way to much cool stuff out there that i really want/need such as:

1. this amazing acoustic/electric violin.  isnt it absolutely beautiful? its not the best violin i could have but its decent quality and would do very nicely for what i need it its waaaay better than the crap one i have now.  this is more of a need than want....anyone have $250 i could borrow?

2. a custom couples portrait of dave and i from Pop Pop Portrait .  How cute is that? Check out the rest of her shop...its really cool.

3. these hedgehog mittens.  it is sold as a kit...but i want them already made

i guess thats all for now....there is tons more stuff that i want but definitely dont need.  its always fun to look though right?

our luv quilt

geez....ive been working on this "luv"quilt for a while.  i got everything cut and pieced together pretty quickly over the summer, but then i decided to take it a step further and embroider some of our little quips and inside jokes on the solid squares.  that took a while but not to bad.  then i decided not to stop there and embroider our names on the quilt back in a very complex mixed font.  what was i thinking?  each letter takes forever....and several months later we have this...
its kind of hard to see all the detail...but let me tell ya...its there.  each letter took anywhere from 3-5 hours each.  but it is beautiful so i dont mind that much.  now i just need to sew everything together and do some quilting.  as a side note....most of the fabric i used for the quilt is recycled from stuff i already had or from goodwill.  ill show you the finished product whenever i get it finished.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

now playing:tuesday

i think i skipped last weeks now playing:tuesday.....sorry y'all.

this week is a new band that i just found today thanks to the Free People Blog 
they usually do a tuesday music blog to and today they introduced me to
Gypsy Death Star
seeing as though Dave and I had a Star Wars movie marathon this icy weekend....i was naturally intrigued by the name of this band.  so i tested them out on iTunes...and i love it!!! 
good call Free People....this band/duet is awesome.
their music is a mix of ambient/techno meets hipster/electronic indie rock.

their album "How to Skin a Ghost" is available on iTunes for $8 and has 8 songs.  According to their website they are working on a new if you like keep a look out for that in the near future. 

....and here is a random picture that i like:
all right y'all...thats all for now but i will return with some wedding ideas, events from the weekend and some pics of my quilt progress.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

arctic Texas?

stole this pic from a friend on Facebook. its a fountain at Lonestar College
its was 23F this morning when i left the house. 
for some that doesnt seem that cold, but i live in Texas..we are whimps.  it was 80F this past Sunday...and now we have ice and a chance of snow on friday.  what the heck?
i dont mind the cold....i love layering up and snuggling under blankets on the couch.  thankfully i just got the thumbs up from my A/C guy to turn on my heater (my HOA doesnt like us to use our heater until we get it inspected every in a townhouse so if one persons heater catches fire we all will catch fire).  i had dragged my feet on getting it done....but thanks to mom....its been given the green light and i enjoyed sleeping in warmth last night.

the electric company has decided to initiate rolling power outages to protect the grids and to accommodate the increase in electricity usage.  i keep seeing everyone on facebook talking about it....but i havent had to deal with it yet.  is it weird that im keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day on friday? of course i dont want people driving and getting in accidents because of snow....texans dont know how to drive in snow/ice....but i would love an afternoon off to go home and play in the snow!!!

o and happy groundhog day!! he didn't see his shadow so spring is near....yea!!