Wednesday, February 23, 2011


ive been looking at alot of summer stuff....esp since our 4 weeks of winter-ish weather is now past and the 80+ degree weather is here.  time to put away
the sweaters (very sad for me because i LOVE sweaters)

here are the things im crushing over this week

this super cute "saddle bag" from

this classic Mickey Mouse watch on Amazon

this super cute tunic dress (how cute would that be with a big brown westerny belt?)
also from Alloy .  i might cave and buy it...its on clearance and may not be available much longer (esp in my size)
 and i want this in a large poster format for my stairwell.  its done by Shepard Fairey....and its freaking awesome! i have a wall in my stairwell that is two storys tall and a large poster of this would be awesome! dave found this pic and sent it to me...i have no idea where to find it....but i want it.

i think thats all for now.  anything you've been eyeballin' lately?

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