Wednesday, February 2, 2011

arctic Texas?

stole this pic from a friend on Facebook. its a fountain at Lonestar College
its was 23F this morning when i left the house. 
for some that doesnt seem that cold, but i live in Texas..we are whimps.  it was 80F this past Sunday...and now we have ice and a chance of snow on friday.  what the heck?
i dont mind the cold....i love layering up and snuggling under blankets on the couch.  thankfully i just got the thumbs up from my A/C guy to turn on my heater (my HOA doesnt like us to use our heater until we get it inspected every in a townhouse so if one persons heater catches fire we all will catch fire).  i had dragged my feet on getting it done....but thanks to mom....its been given the green light and i enjoyed sleeping in warmth last night.

the electric company has decided to initiate rolling power outages to protect the grids and to accommodate the increase in electricity usage.  i keep seeing everyone on facebook talking about it....but i havent had to deal with it yet.  is it weird that im keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day on friday? of course i dont want people driving and getting in accidents because of snow....texans dont know how to drive in snow/ice....but i would love an afternoon off to go home and play in the snow!!!

o and happy groundhog day!! he didn't see his shadow so spring is near....yea!!

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