Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wish list...

man i really need to win the lottery or something....because there is way to much cool stuff out there that i really want/need such as:

1. this amazing acoustic/electric violin.  isnt it absolutely beautiful? its not the best violin i could have but its decent quality and would do very nicely for what i need it its waaaay better than the crap one i have now.  this is more of a need than want....anyone have $250 i could borrow?

2. a custom couples portrait of dave and i from Pop Pop Portrait .  How cute is that? Check out the rest of her shop...its really cool.

3. these hedgehog mittens.  it is sold as a kit...but i want them already made

i guess thats all for now....there is tons more stuff that i want but definitely dont need.  its always fun to look though right?

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