Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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sorry that im a day late on this post...but things get busy
this week i wanted to talk about

Esperanza Spalding

dave introduced me to her a couple of years ago when she released her first album "Esperanza"  Naturally he loved her music because she is a bass player and had a great voice (he is a bass player to). She has recently released a new album called "Chamber Music Society"....which is brilliant by the way. she has been playing music her whole life and has now made a huge place for herself in the music industry by taking home the "Best New Artist" award at this years Grammy's....beating out Justin Bieber...and i couldnt be happier for her.  Learn more about Esperanza by visiting her 
gosh she is so beautiful

definitely check her out if you havent already done that yet. 

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dave said...

I love her albums. She is so talented and I'm so glad u like her music too! It gets me giddy.