Wednesday, February 9, 2011

our luv quilt

geez....ive been working on this "luv"quilt for a while.  i got everything cut and pieced together pretty quickly over the summer, but then i decided to take it a step further and embroider some of our little quips and inside jokes on the solid squares.  that took a while but not to bad.  then i decided not to stop there and embroider our names on the quilt back in a very complex mixed font.  what was i thinking?  each letter takes forever....and several months later we have this...
its kind of hard to see all the detail...but let me tell ya...its there.  each letter took anywhere from 3-5 hours each.  but it is beautiful so i dont mind that much.  now i just need to sew everything together and do some quilting.  as a side note....most of the fabric i used for the quilt is recycled from stuff i already had or from goodwill.  ill show you the finished product whenever i get it finished.

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