Wednesday, April 25, 2012

link lovin'

here are some fun things i have found around the interwebz this week. 
1. the totally cute flower and antler printable from The Wedding Chics.  It's meant to be a wedding invitation suite but the way its set up you could almost put anything in or not.
2. This super cute and cheap earring tutorial from The Metric Child.  I found this on pinterest and immediately put it in my DIY Board.  So easy...just paint a group of bobby pins with nail polish and hook them up to wire and an earring hook.  this would be a great last minute present for a friend.
3. This free lacy poncho crochet pattern from Red Heart. It also comes with a version to wear as an overskirt.  This is an intermediate level pattern, but with some trial and error im sure i can do it.
4. this super cute marbled glasses tutorial from Honestly WTF. They use the marble technique that you use for your fingernails on clear glasses.  I havent tried this yet but i dont see why you couldnt just remove the nail polish after your party and try a different color combo whenever you want.
5. Super cute and easy polymer clay faceted glitter beads from Hazel & Agnes.  These look so easy and would be a great addition to bracelets, earrings, giftwrap...skys the limit.  Just think of the color combos....neon and metallic...yes please
6. This washi tape covered Ikea table from Lady Croissant.  What a creative way to liven up a boring table from Ikea.  If you wanted a more permanent solution you could give it a good coat of polyurethane for a more durable surface.

I just realized that these are all DIYs and cheap ones at that!  I will most definately be doing some of these this week/weekend.  If you dont already follow me on Pinterest you can find me here or click on the Pinterest button on your right.
Shout out to Cara, a new follower! Welcome to  I'll try and keep the good stuff comin.

Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend update: laundry and music

after a failed attempt at getting these suckers installed on wednesday they were finally installed on saturday.  this is the first time ive had a working washer and dryer since i moved into my townhouse a few years ago (yes i did laundry at my moms place like a poor college kid....but it also gave me really great family time).  needless to say i think i did about 6 loads of laundry this weekend...sheets, towels, clothes, anything that i could throw in there for the heck of it!

sorry for the bad iphone pics
i also got to go to an amazing show with some of my favorite people!!  The band Sucré came into town (see this post for their album review) and played with my friends in the band Finnegan and the Ton Tons (didnt get a pic of the Ton Tons sorry - but they are great check them out).
i also got to me Mrs. Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess.  I didnt take a pic with her because i already felt like a duffus for being really excited to meet/chat with her (she was my gateway blog).  she was just as sweet in person as she seems on her blog as was Jeremy.
The show was awesome.  I got to hang out with my hubs and friends and enjoy some great music...what more could a girl ask for?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

link lovin

cant remember if ive ever done one of these posts....if i have its been a while.
here are a few things that i have found and like/want/inspire me as of late:
1. this ridiculously cute cat iphone cover that can be found here for about $10. i saw this in one of Kaylah's outfit posts and about died of cute.
(pic source-The Dainty Squid)
2. this quick and easy screen print diy from Calico Skies - great for not so detailed stuff that you may not want to break out the big guns (screen, photo emulsion fluid, etc) for
(pic source - Calico Skies)
3. these really great nebula and galaxy printed fabric available on Spoonflower - check out the fabrics from Corseceng and Tingish shops.  They charge more than i'd like to pay, but you cant find this kind of print just anywhere
4. these really fun and easy painted feathers turned into a necklace by artist Alisa Burke
(pic source - Alisa Burke)
5. these really bright and happy crochet dish towels from Cozy Made Things.  i grew up using knitted cotton dish rags, which can be used for anything really, but not quite big enough for hands and spills.  i love the ripple and chevron crochet pattern and i dont know why i didnt think of doing this sooner....arent they awesome?
(pic source - Cozy Made Things)
usually i would just post a description and a link, but everything i wanted to share was to cool not to post a picture with.  the source for everything is in the caption....spread the love and go visit the blogs i linked (perhaps i should start doing a weekly blog link series? i follow over 100...surely there are some y'all havent heard of)
anything cool you think i should check out?


now playing:tuesday - Sucré

from my instagram @ezzimcgee

Today's now playing feature is the debut album, A Minor Bird, from
This band is made up of Stacy King (from Eisley), Darren King (Mute Math), and Jeremy Larson (Husband to Else from A Beautiful Mess) about an a crazy talented group. 
The album just dropped today and I will admit i pushed the 'buy' button at 12:05a this morning so that it would be ready for me to listen to when i woke up this morning. 
The name of the band describes itself....sweet.  Stacy has a such a pure and angelic voice you cant help wanting to listen to.  The songs are well written, melodic but still catchy.  You can tell that it's Darren on the drums, although he has a certain technique for drums almost like a unique signiture, he keeps it soft and very fitting to the music.  Jeremy, the multi instrument wonder, is amazing as always.
The best way for me to describe this album....had this been out when the movie Garden State was made it would have most certainly been on the soundtrack.  If you are a fan of Eisley, Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, Lia Ices, or perhaps Feist you will love this album.
You can purchase the full album now on the iTunes for only $7.99.  For 11 amazing songs thats a pretty good deal.

Perhaps the things that excites me most about this band is that they are coming to Houston on April 22nd and playing with some of my good friends - Finnegan (also available on iTunes).  To add to the excitement Elsie (from A Beautiful Mess Blog) will be traveling with her husband (Jeremy) for this short tour, and unless she is completely bombarded, I might be able to stop by and say hello.  Elsie has a special place in my heart because she was the very first blog i ever read before i realized just how big the blog world was.  She is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to follow their creative dreams.  Enough gushing....go check out the album and let me know what you think.