Tuesday, April 10, 2012

link lovin

cant remember if ive ever done one of these posts....if i have its been a while.
here are a few things that i have found and like/want/inspire me as of late:
1. this ridiculously cute cat iphone cover that can be found here for about $10. i saw this in one of Kaylah's outfit posts and about died of cute.
(pic source-The Dainty Squid)
2. this quick and easy screen print diy from Calico Skies - great for not so detailed stuff that you may not want to break out the big guns (screen, photo emulsion fluid, etc) for
(pic source - Calico Skies)
3. these really great nebula and galaxy printed fabric available on Spoonflower - check out the fabrics from Corseceng and Tingish shops.  They charge more than i'd like to pay, but you cant find this kind of print just anywhere
4. these really fun and easy painted feathers turned into a necklace by artist Alisa Burke
(pic source - Alisa Burke)
5. these really bright and happy crochet dish towels from Cozy Made Things.  i grew up using knitted cotton dish rags, which can be used for anything really, but not quite big enough for hands and spills.  i love the ripple and chevron crochet pattern and i dont know why i didnt think of doing this sooner....arent they awesome?
(pic source - Cozy Made Things)
usually i would just post a description and a link, but everything i wanted to share was to cool not to post a picture with.  the source for everything is in the caption....spread the love and go visit the blogs i linked (perhaps i should start doing a weekly blog link series? i follow over 100...surely there are some y'all havent heard of)
anything cool you think i should check out?


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