Thursday, February 17, 2011 water bliss

today was a long but glorious day.  
i havent had hot water for a while....i wont say how long but trust me its been a very long time.  today the nice men of Abacus Plumbing came by and installed a new hot water heater.  i cant describe how happy...elated....overjoyed i am.  they arrived at 8:30am and by 4pm i had hot water.  
what was the first thing i did with my hot water?  loaded the dish washer.  has anyone out there had to wash your dishes with cold water and then do the dip in boiling water?  it takes forever and you almost always come out with burnt fingers.  i wont miss it.

i will be taking a lot more long baths...thats for sure.

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Sofi Stellar said...

Yay!! I would go crazy without hot water, I love taking baths! So relaxing. I would kill for a clawfoot tub!