Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10 things about me

 1. i am a Harry Potter really.  i cant even count how many times ive read, listened, and watched the books/movies.  im totally geeking out over HP7P1 movie....less than 20 days!!

2. i heart yarn, knitting, crocheting and yarnbombing....what can i say...i got it from my momma

3.  i make custom cakes and cupcakes....visit my website at

4. i collect tin lunchboxes....i have around 100 now...give or take a few

5. i love feathers and all things native fam has indian blood somewhere down the line.  but i mainly just find it very beautiful and natural
6. i was a hippie in a previous life....i dont really believe in that sort of thing....i just really love the mellow/natural/flowy style

7.  i heart was always a dream of mine to be a tattoo artist....maybe one of these days
8.  ive collected hello kitty my whole life....i cant help it she is too dang cute.  i dont have nearly as much stuff as some people ive seen on the internet.....i limit myself to a few things here and there.
9. i dont like donuts....i know thats weird...but i just cant eat them
10. i have the most amazing boyfriend....whom i loves very much

thats all for now.  i will from time to time post other "10 things about me" episodes. all photos, except dave's, are from 


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ms. elisabeth said...

i love the photos from # 5 & #7!
so great!