Tuesday, July 5, 2011

crafty crafty : crocheted peter pan slippers

i poke around several craft blogs on a regular basis....i like to see what is out there and get inspiration for new projects or gifts to make.  one of those crafy blogs is Craftzine .  while perusing the crochet area of the blog i found this super cute pattern for peter pan slippers that can be made for infant-adult sized feets.  its not a free pattern but it will only set you back $4.50 on Ravelry (if you knit or crochet you should be a member of this site!)
how cute are they? they turn up at the toes!!  i think im going to make the back/heel come up a little higher...so its more of an ankle boot then a slip-on.  the pattern is simple and quick...i finished my pair in a couple of hours.  i think i know what a few people will be getting for xmas!!

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dave said...

Can't wait till you make me a pair. ;)