Monday, July 25, 2011

sweet treats: cinnamon sugar nutella tortilla

had Nutella and cinnamon sugar tortillas been around during the time of the pretty sure todays "sweet treat" would have been their definition of ambrosia (food of the gods).
it sure as heck is my definition of ambrosia

What you need:
Nutella or any form of generic store brand Hazelnut spread with cocoa (i have Kroger brand) its just as good as Nutella
Cinnamon Sugar Flour Tortillas.  Now if you dont live in the south and cant get your hands on fresh made cinnamon sugar tortillas (also from Kroger) dont can use a regular flour tortilla and just sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar mixture before you add the Nutella
you will also need a small pad of butter....not margarine, not light cooking oil.  you need real BUTTER y'all (*me channeling Paula Dean). 

-add small pad of butter to skillet and let it melt
-add tortilla to skillet and coat both sides with melted butter
-let the tortilla "toast and/or fry" on both sides til it starts to brown and get crispy
-take tortilla out of skillet and spread liberal amounts of Nutella on the hot tortilla
(if you dont have pre-made cinnamon and sugar tortillas, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mixture on to your hot tortilla before you add the Nutella)

this is a super easy and fast little treat....and man-o-man is it delish.  i wont judge if you make yourself two of these things....i had two last night.....okay okay ill admit it....i had two and a half of these last night.   and they were goooood!!

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dave said...

epic want indeed!!!!