Friday, July 8, 2011

friday DIY: How to make your sunnies not give you a headache

does anyone else get headaches from tight sunglasses or headbands? or is it just me?

i dont have a big head but for some reason its really sensitive to pressure.  whenever i attempt to wear plastic or thick framed sunglasses or headbands i get an instant headache....that doesnt necessarily go away when i take said sunnies off....its annoying.
needless to say i have several sunglasses that i own and cant wear because, while they didnt give me a headache for the 30 secs i had them on in the store, they give me a headache when i actually wear them for longer than 30 sec outside the store.....bummer

i voiced my annoyance to my mom one day and she said...."just take a nail file to them"....wha?
folks....listen to your mother....she is brilliant!!! 
this worked like a charm on my favorite pair of sunnies....that i havent worn since i bought them 1 year ago. (yes they are my favorite even though i didnt wear them...the color is awesome!)

all you have to do is take a corse nail file to 'em.
no seriously thats it.  all you need is for the arms open wider (so its not so tight). 
the arms on plastic sunglasses usually meet the hinge at a blunt flat 90 degree angle.
(1.) starting the outside edge, file...file...file until you start to make it more of a 45 degree angle.  it doesnt take much.
(2.) make sure you are making the angle even all the way doesnt matter that much but it makes it 'look' cleaner when you are finished.
try 'em they fit better? if they are still too tight then file some more

this may not work on all glasses (mainly for plastic frames).....use your better judgement....but man this worked like a charm on mine.  i was able to wear these all the way to work today with no headache!!!

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tamara said...

Thanks for the sweet idea.