Tuesday, July 12, 2011

now playing:tuesday - NEW INCUBUS!!!

o geez ive been waiting for this album for a while....and boy 'o boy the wait was worth it. 
the last two albums they put out (A Crow Left of the Murder and Light Grenades)
were good but i will admit they weren't my favorite.  ive been a fan of incubus since middle school - before they made it big (yes im one of those people who feels they must say that every time...sorry).  if i had to name my favorite album it would have to be Morning View....because it still sounded like them, but was laid back and chill.  i could put that cd on repeat and not get tired of it....it wasn't "noisy" (for lack of a better word).  while i like that "noisy" aspect about their other albums, i definitely appreciated a chill album....and kinda been waiting for something similar.
folks.....we got it!  The new Incubus album - If Not Now, When?
has the similar chill quality that i fell in love with with Morning View. 
Thats the best i can describe it.  If you like Morning View you will like "If Not Now, When?".  Not sure? - go test it out on iTunes.  iTunes is currently selling a special edition version with 5 videos and a couple other 'album only' bits for $14.99 - which i dont think is bad at all!!
Let me know how you like it.

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charlotte said...

I just got this album and I was really impressed with it. They played some of the songs on Incubus HQ Live before and I'm watching those videos right now.. http://www.incubushqlive.com/