Friday, July 29, 2011

i heart friday!

here are some of my favorite interwebz finds from this week
1. This amazing embroidered portrait by Daniel Kornrumpf via Craftzine Blog

2. This awesome Art Nouveau inspired Amy Pond and the TARDIS artwork...pure excellence! i want a copy....anyone know where i can get a copy.....nevermind i found it here .  The artist is Bill Mudron who has done work for Disney and a bunch of other cool companies

3. This super neat handmade version of the American flag....from Free People ....i might have to make myself one to hang in my house somewhere

4.  This absolutely adorable Lady Fox Brooch by Hanaletters

5. This hand screened Navajo print scarf from Thief and Bandit.  Their store is really neat and full of comfy hand screen printed jersey knit products.  I do alot of hand screenprinting myself so i appreciate their stuff and the time they put into making it.

6. ive been following the blog "Easy makes me happy" for a while mainly because i love her crochet patterns available in her etsy shop ...i want this slipper pattern.  go check out the rest of her patterns which include a viking helmet crochet pattern for kids to's awesome!

7. this leather feather headband made from reclaimed leather....also by Thief and Bandit
I may attempt to make one similar but paint it to look like a pheasant feather

8. &9. these two necklaces from Shlomitofir ...they are so delicate and beautiful.  i dont like wearing really busy necklaces....mainly because my hair gets tangled in it, but also because i like to keep things simple.  She has so many other beautiful things in her etsy shop....many are on sale right now!!

i wont put a number 10 because this post is long enough already.  have a great weekend!!

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Joanne said...

I love love love That scarf!
Blessings, Joanne