Monday, August 1, 2011

weekend update: nothing but rock shows

this weekend consisted of nothing but screen printing and gigs.
friday night dave and his spanish rock band, La Sien, had a show.  we had spent the better part of last week reprinting shirts and restocking our merch table....its alot of fun but also a lot of hard work.
cant wait til they have their full length EP done....ill pass on updates when they are available.

on saturday we printed shirts for our friends new band "Satellite Brigade" (check 'em out on Facebook).  i snapped a couple of product photos before their show saturday night....i think they came out great!
dave on the left....lookin mighty handsome and Loren (drummers girlfriend) on the right.
The show went great and they got a great response!! Also on the bill was "Darrin Love" a "Athousandcolours" - the show was really great!
Satellite Brigade - Frank (on drums) and Ramses (vocals and guitar) - photo by Erin Cason

got some local bands you want me to check out?  let me know.....who knows they may make an apperance in my NowPlaying:Tuesdays

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