Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

ive been away for a while....turns out turning 28, getting married, going on a honeymoon, and the holidays keep you pretty busy.  so, sorry.  im not going to dwell on my absence, but instead have gotten myself organized and have lots of fun blog posts planned for 2012.  
now on to my 2012 goals
1. get healthy - i know this was on my list last year too, but im still not where i want to be physically.  now that i have a husband at home that likes to work out i can stay motivated
2.  grow and nurture my marriage.  i know i know...getting mushy, but its important to me that we lay down a good solid foundation for a lasting marriage.
3.  budget - gosh i struggle so much with this.  both dave and i tend to be spenders and if we hope to build our savings and one day move into our own home we need to get serious about a budget.
4.  finish some dang projects!!  geez.  i have one too many blankets and various other projects started, maybe even halfway done, but not completed.  this has to be fixed asap.  my goal is to pick one per month and finish it within that month.  hopefully the deadlines will motivate me to finish.
5.  take more pictures - i dont know why but im not good at remembering to pull my phone out of my pocket and snap photos...guess im living to in the moment?  i decided to do the "January pic of the day" on Instagram, and i have only managed to complete 3 days...i think....bleh
6.  learn photoshop - i learned a few things a couple of years ago, but haven't messed with it sense.  dave's computer has it so i will need to re-learn it all over again.  maybe this will help with my goal of taking more pictures
7.  finish learning the ukulele - yet another thing i started and haven't finished
8.  fix up my house - our townhouse needs to be brought into modern times....o and flooring would be nice
9.  more beach trips - the hubs and i got married at the beach because its one of our favorite places to be together, but somehow our busy schedules have gotten in the way of making regular trips.  this needs to change
10.  brainstorm and plan merch for a possible etsy store - i have wanted to open a online storefront for a while now.  i keep a running list of things that i could make and sell.  maybe this is the year to get that up and running!

stay tuned....i have lots of fun posts planned for this year!!  feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you want to see on here.

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