Tuesday, January 10, 2012

now playing:tuesday - wild child

this week i want to share with you a band from "up the road" (Austin)
wild child

wild child's debut album "pillow talk" is incredible...i dont know what else to say.

all photos from wildchildsounds.com

this austin based band has a very mellow yet upbeat sound.  one of my big draws to this band was the use of violin, ukulele, banjo and acoustic guitar....always a sucker for those strings.   this duo has an effortless sounding vocal chemistry that you cant help but want to sing along to.  if i was to lump them into a musical genre i would have to say indie/folk.  i listen to this album while at work or hanging out at the house.  i highly recommend you give them a listen and/or purchase "Pillow Talk" on iTunes ($10).  you wont regret it!!

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