Friday, August 17, 2012

Pin-tastic:food edition

today i thought i would share some of my current favorite food pins

1. the single serving microwave chocolate chip cookie
(original source)
(original source)
4. Red Lobster Cheedar Bay Biscuits
(original source)
 5. Nutella and Cool Whip pops
(original source)
I have made all of these recipes except for the Nutella/Cool Whip pops, but lets be can Nutella and Cool Whip go wrong?  I made that cookie last night to share with the hubs....and let me tell was good (tip: get creative! add peanut butter chips, nutella, or just nuts).  That rice was awesome and if you make a lot at once you can eat off of it for a week.  Lets have a chat about those fake Cheedar Bay Biscuits for a min.
These biscuits are AMAZING! I may have eatten a couple straight out of the oven...molten hot and everything.  I have made this recipe a couple of times and would not change a thing.  They even warm up great (wrap in paper towel and nuke for 15-30sec). Tip: if you dont keep Biscuick in the house your store may sell the small pouches of Biscuick, which you need exactly 2.
Im always on the hunt for good recipies.  Follow my "Foodie Files" pin board for more yummy recipies!

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Blytheponytailparades said...

I am for sure trying that biscuit recipe!