Monday, September 24, 2012


its no secret that i love nail polish.  i have a small collection in comparison to a lot of nail bloggers i hubs would disagree.
i have recently discovered nail stamping....i know i know i guess I've been living under a rock.
what is nail stamping you ask?  well....
2011 Bundle Monster Plates - available here
Cheeky Nail Plate #C - available here
...these are "nail plates" (minus the blue protective film).  They are metal plates with etchings on them in various designs that you put a swipe of nail polish on and scrape the extra off...pushing paint into the image in the process...then pick up the image with a soft rubber stamp.  You then quickly line up the stamp with your fingernail and stamp.
used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Pronto Purple and Silver Sweep
isn't that fun?!! it takes some getting use to and practice but its worth it. 
its a super easy way to turning a regular manicure into awesome manicure....and you can tell people "ya i did it awesome am i?"
if you want to see this done in real time i highly recommend you check out "Plasmaspeedo" on YouTube.  She has many videos that explain how to do stamping and shows differences between the different brands and images they have to offer.
you can also just search "nail plates" in amazon and look at much fun.
i definitely will be posting more "Nail-ventures" posts here.

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