Friday, May 21, 2010

its been a week since my last entry....eek

ive been looking and watching blythe dolls on ebay....and today i won my first doll

this pretty girl is on her way from hong excited. what should i name her?

Also, today is our favorite piano man's birthday. Happy Birthday Mikey!!!

dave and i are going to rush and make a piano cake to take to Clementine's (mike's weekend gig) and surprise him with it!! it was a spontaneous idea this morning. dave was sweet enough to bake the cake this afternoon while i was at work. ill post photoes later this evening.

also this week i ordered this:

so that i can cook somthing other than beans and rice for dave

and i also ordered these two cameras for fun:
image spliter/fusion camera

and a underwater lomo

this weekend is going to be busy working on house fixing up...maybe my tan...and some thrifting. ill post more later.


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Helsbells said...

Ooooh jelouse of the underwater lomo...and the blythe doll. I want one but is it more or are they really expensive?!