Wednesday, May 12, 2010

things i love....and want...epic want

there are things that i need....things that i dont need....and things that are an epic want (translation = totally frivolous).

1. a blythe doll


2. a Fuji Instax instant camera (its the Polaroid replacement...since its way to expensive to use my Polaroid)

3. any fabric from Tula Pink....she inspires me to design more

and her quilts/quilt designs are amazing

4. the complete Daria seasons DVDs

5. Doug DVDs...i never thought they would come out on excited!!!

6. Holga Camera

there are so many other things that i want...and dont need....but its fun to look

thats all for now....gnite


1 comment:

soulful machine said...

I know what i'm getting you for your birthday.