Monday, May 10, 2010


after a stressful week last week....working on this cake (4 tiered monster cake for my company's 25th birthday party)

it was nice to relax this weekend.

saturday morning, after sending dave off to his final, i went to my favorite haunts....michael's and the goodwill store. i was hunting for crafting supplies...mainly embroidery supplies....and vintage sheets and fun thrifted stuff to re purpose. there were so many treasures at goodwill....but i restrained myself to a vintage pillowcase (which will most likely end up in a quilt) and large metal file box...which i will paint and use for craft supplies.

i started embroidering on tea towel this weekend...something i haven't done since i was a kid. the embroidery pattern is from

go here if you are interested...jenny hart is a great embroidery artist. she makes awesome modern patterns....and based out of austin. i am using her "crazy kitchen" pattern.

here is my progress

tonight i have to complete one of two cakes i have this weekend.


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