Wednesday, September 22, 2010

so totally surprised

my aunt and cousin gave me my birthday present early yesterday.....and i squealed in delight when i opened this:
anyone recognize it? i posted a pic of this amazing cowl about a month ago on a interwebz find post.....and they got it for me for my birthday.  it is so incredibly FABULOUS!!! its made from the most softest wool ever and by the looks of it, hand-dyed in my favorite colors.  i think i will wear it all winter....if it ever gets cold here.  that means my pasmina scarves in every color will just have to stay in the closet....sorry. ill post a pic of me wearing it soon...i only have a crappy cell phone pic right now.


ps:  she ordered it from a shop on etsy called Silvia66 .  She is from Moderna, Italy....and very talented.  Grazie Mille AJ and Jo!!!!

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