Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cake and pancakes

sorry its been a few days....life is busy as always.  my car decided to be sick on thursday so ive been taking the bus to work.... ive had some fun experiences so far.  the first day i rode the bus i started chatting with this older lady....and she is so adorable i couldnt help but smile.  she was wearing this cute white suit with bright orange lipstick on...complete with matching nail polish.  today i rode with her again and she was wearing bright hot pink lipstick with matching nail polish.....so cute. 

Friday i had a cake to deliver and thankfully my mom offered to drive me. here is a pic of the cake.  it was chocolate raspberry cake with black and white pinstripes, gold bow on top and "curlers" with the number 40 hanging from them (clients request).
i think it turned out ok.  what do you think?

Saturday morning dave and i went to Lola for breakfast....we both ordered their blueberry pancakes....that should tell you how good they are.  dave cleaned his plate before i got halfway through mine.  so good

 Sunday i stayed home all day....since i didnt have a working car....and no one was available to pick me up and entertain me all day.  so i started embroidering my quilt back....it has my name and davids name on the back in a fun mixed font.  im trying to get it finished so i can use it when it gets cold.  here is the progress so far

you cant tell all the detail but...it looks cool in person

i dropped my car off last night at carmax thinking all is well...it will be looked at in the morning no problem.....but no.  some how my appt was made at a different carmax location.  so i got a call this morning saying...sorry you dont have an appt you cant leave your car.  i just about explode at this point.  it amazes me when people dont understand that we cant just appear places in a blink of an eye.  the woman on the phone was like....well your appt is at the other location....silence...silence.  me: well i cant just appear over there and pick up my car and drive it to the other location....im on the other side of town.  i dont get it....what response was she expecting?  anywho....im on standby.  if there is a cancellation they will fit me in....if there isnt they cant look at it until Thursday morning.  ARRRRGGHHHH.  needless to say i am very annoyed.  the only thing i can think happened is that google mixed up the numbers and locations....because i called the number it gave me for that location.  DONT always trust google to give you the right information.....lesson learned. 

sorry for my ranting....ill be back later with something a little more friendly-er

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