Monday, October 11, 2010

ive been away....let me catch you up

the past couple of weeks have been very busy and action packed. 
*warning word and photo heavy post...proceed at your own risk

ill just give you a short and sweet summary.  i had some family drama for a few days...ill leave it at that.  i participated in the 20th annual Houston Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k.  i think this was the 2nd time ive done this race. there were around 35,000+ people that came out this year and raised approx $3.5 million for beast cancer research.  it was absolutely AWEsome to see so many people out there supporting strangers, family, mothers and daughters.  i looked through some of the pics i took while running the course and none of them are good enough to post :(.  i did this race alone...which was kind of sad, but still satisfying at the same time.  there were still people just starting the course when i was driving home! 

after the race dave and i escaped the city and went down to Galveston for the rest of the day to celebrate my 27th birthday (a couple days early).  i dont really know how it became our favorite "place" to go together....but it is.  it was exactly what i needed to escape all the drama and stress that was going on back home....and it was pretty much the only birthday celebration i was going to get this it was perfect. 
we went down to the beach for a little while and walked around, collected shells, wadded in the water,  and drew in the sand.  then we went to The Strand....where all the shops are.  we occupied ourselves with looking in all the happy that more store have finally reopened (Hurrican Ike wiped Galveston out a couple years ago).  we didnt really buy much....dave got a black fedora hat for $6 (he is wearing it in one of the pics above) and we both got some cool surfer St. Christopher charms (ill post a pic later with the rest of my camera photos).  We stayed to watch the free movie they play every first saturday of the month (only during summer months) was Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" with Jimmy Stewart.....great movie.

Let's see what else happened? I took a few days off of work and Dave and I just hung out and watched The Big Bang of our favorite shows...we bought Season 3 after watching part of it via Netflix, but didnt want to wait for the next couple of disks to come in the mail.  i also started a afgan for Dave....its an 8-bit (old skool pixelated video game version...based on the tiled street art pic below) Link from Zelda.  Here is a preview of the progress (it looks like a granny square worm...i have them all strung together so i dont loose any)
its going to be kind of big....which was not planned, but even with small granny squares its going to be a queen sized afgan if all my measurements and math is correct.  ill keep you posted with the progress. i just realized i have 3 different blankets/afgan/quilts started and not more until i get these 3 finished.

i will post more pics later when i get a chance to upload everything from my camera

anywho....thanks for reading this really long blog. i promise i will try to not let so much time pass between was just a really busy and stressful time for me and blogging was the last thing on my mind.


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