Thursday, October 14, 2010

free people hair trick

I saw this on the Free People Blog and thought it I would pass it on.  

the relaxed wavy look

first, slightly dampen hair with a styling spray – she uses bumble and bumble (but im sure any flex hold hairspray, spray gel, sea salt spray will do the trick).

next, separate the hair into two pieces down the center. then separate those two into two. start with 2 strands, either the left side or the right of head, and twist the hair away from the face. then take the 2 twisted strands and twist them together. secure on top of head with a hair clip.

once the product has had time to dry, remove the clips and shake your hair out girl.

i have naturally wavy/curly hair that does this whether i want it to or not....but for those who dont i hope this helps you.


Sophhh said...

Thankyouu for passing this on! you hair is gorgeous btw. my hairs kinda thicker than yours. not too much thicker but yano. so i think i should split mine into 3?


ezzi said...

hey soph, you can split it into however many sections you need! another trick ive been using (since my hair is getting really long and doesnt curl as well bc of the weight) let it dry wavy and then take a curl stick to sections here and there and give it alittle extra umph.

Sophhh said...

thankyou! x