Friday, January 21, 2011

all work and no play....newest cakes

ive been absent for about a week.  constantly working, even on weekends, has taken a toll.  im eye twitch is back....and i think these dark circles have become a permanent fixture on my face.  but all my work has resulted in a couple good cakes.  its been a while since ive put some cake pics up so here ya go

this was a baby shower cake a friend of mine asked me to do.  the plate on the left is what the them was for the party....and on the right is my interpretation of the plate in cake form.  it was a vanilla cake with strawberry preserves and sweet cream filling.  i think the little palm tree hanging off the left side of the cake is cute.

next up is my twin cousin's 1st birthday cake....based off the British show Shaun the Sheep (done by the makers of Wallis and Gromet...and is available on Netflix instant)!
i think it came out pretty good!  dave's help was invaluable to me on this one.  he made Shaun and the little baby on the top, as well as the big'en aka "Shirley."  he did such a great job on making them look like they do in the show.  i dont know if you can tell from the pics but there is a #1 on top that look it was formed with two boards.  Shaun makes stuff really fast in the show so i thought it would be fun to make it look like Shaun made a number one as well as the boys names out of wood.  this cake was chocolate with chocolate filling and the top teir was organic lemon cake with lemon curd and sweet cream filling.  everyone seemed to like i declare it a success.

thats all for now but ill be back later today with more entries. 

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