Tuesday, January 4, 2011

now playing:tuesday

ive decided to do a new feature about the music that has been in heavy rotation on my pod durning the week.

first up.....
1.  Local Natives.....if you like MGMT you will like Local Natives.  They are not new to me, but they may be to you.....i love them!

2.  Ratatat....they are electronic chill (sort of)...all instrumental but have a great beat to bobb your head to
 3. Mumford and Sons.....they are sort of bluegrassy.  they are like a cross between Iron and Wine/Nickle Creek/Dave Matthew's Band.  I love it.

Feel free to give these bands a test run on iTunes.  Hope you enjoy them.
Have any good tunes you think i should know about?


Van said...

Looks like an excellent playlist, I'll have to look into some of these guys. I'm always looking for new stuff to listen to while I work.

Keeping time said...

Perfect timing, I've got a gift card to spend!

kristin elena. said...

i have had gorilla mansion on repeat for the past 6 months. my fave album to come out in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I finally checked out your blog. Very nice. Just one question: how the heck do you find time to keep this up?!

Btw, I'm intentionally commenting on the post about Ratatat so I can publicly acknowledge that you recommended them a full month before Lauren and I came across their music.

ezzi said...

aww wes you dont have to do that. thanks for reading my blog! i keep up when i can. usually i write at night...maybe one or two entries and then i just publish by phone whenever i need to. it really doesnt take that long to write.