Tuesday, January 25, 2011

now playing:tuesday

i just realized today that i didnt do a now playing post last week.  sorry y'all!

this week ive been listening to a little bit of ninety's goodness and some new stuff.
first up is:
not only do i make cake....but i happen to really love the band.  its my cousins fault.  in high school we used to ride together and then roomed in college...it rubbed off.  i dont know how to describe cake's sound other than saying its just plain awesome.

next up is:
i have a MGMT pandora station that i listen to alot in the car and The Cure poped up on Sunday and ever since then i have been listening to it on my ipod.  Everytime i hear the cure i think of Empire Records...prolly one of my top 10 favorite movies. techincally The Cure is from the eighties and nineties...but i didnt know them til the nineties...so yea.  love it!

and finally:
this is the only new band that im posting.  they have a similar sound to MGMT and Local Natives...and other assorted "Hipster-esque" music.  i really like them! it makes for really great driving music or good background music to play around the house

thats all for this weeks now playing post.  let me know what you think....or if you have suggestions for me to check out and put in future posts!

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