Monday, April 25, 2011

happy hair....finally

i finally got a haircut this weekend!! why is that such a big deal? well....i have really long hair and i usually try and get a trim every 3 months just to keep the ends healthy and not dried out and ugly.  but with being busy and broke....its been about 6 months.....and my hair was looking bad!  i take good care of my hair.....use a sulfate-free shampoo, only blow dry once a week, limit how much its washed (2x a week only), use Moroccan Oil daily, and limit the amount i use heat tools.  the fact of the matter matter how well you take care of your need to get it trimmed regularly! So after 2 inches (which should have been 3 to 4in) and the BIG bottle of Moroccan Oil (my treat to myself) hair is happy.....not dry....not crunchy....but shiny and healthy.

if you havent tried Morocan Oil for your it.  its a kinda pricey but its worth it. (dont use the knock-offs!!)

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