Tuesday, June 5, 2012

can it really be that i didnt post anything in the month of may....geez sorry y'all.  its been a very busy month and june is shaping up to be the same.  yikes.

in an effort to get back on track i wanted to share the french music stylings of
Coeur de Pirate
Real name, Beatrice Martin, is the heart and soul of Coeur de Pirate ("Heart Pirate").  She is a French singer/songwriter from Quebec, Canada.  If you read up on her you will find that she has an interesting life story (*coughs-alt porn model at age 16-*coughs), however, she has a great voice and beautiful music.
y'all might be thinking..."wow, you speak french!?" ...no.  i do not speak french other than a few words here and there that i picked up the two times that i visited France.  i do, however, have a love for music no matter what language it's in. 
Coeur de Pirate's almost child like voice mixed with the rhythm of her lyrics and piano is just soothing.  kinda hard to describe.  it makes me feel carefree and light? does this make sense to anyone? just like watching Amélie...it makes you feel playful and free...atleast i do.
She released her self titled debut album in 2008- most known for the song
"Comme des enfants" and "Ensemble" which was featured in a YouTube video about a baby.  In November 2011 she release her follow-up album "Blonde"...which i just found out about (I was too busy getting married to notice-I played one of her songs during my cake cutting!).
Anywho, I encourage you to check out both her ablums on iTunes. 
It's great feel good music that you can put on when you want something playing that wont destract you with lyrics you understand and want to sing along with...unless you are like me and still learn lyrics in foreign languages.
i love her music!
*all images can be found from a google image source-i had a hard time nailing down a single url source

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