Friday, June 8, 2012

today i bring you a fun and easy Anthro knock-off DIY. 
i originally saw this DIY here and wanted to try myself and pass it on to y'all.
Supplies: paint (spray/acrylic), jump rings, ribbon, scissors, beads(large and small) and plastic teardrop shape crystals.
1. spray the crystals well. i recommend doing this in several light coats.  use a clear protective top coat if you wish
2. open and add the jump rings to your crystals.  i used a heavier gauge ring since the crystals are large and heavy.
3. thread 3 small beads before and after each crystal.  both strands of the necklace will have 10 crystals (more or less if you like).  i added additional small beads on the bottom strand to make up the length gap (pic for step 4)  tip: i would cut you ribbon extra long to allow for length adjustment
4. thread a big bead on both ends to combine your strands (see the bottom strand-it has 7 little beads on right/left of the crystal to made up the gap in length between strands).
5. adjust the two strands - the top strand should hang about 1" above the bottom to create the staggered look. tie a knot above the big bead to keep everything in place.
hold it up and tie a knot in the back (i may go back and make this a clasp closure later) when you are happy with the total length.
Wear with pride!! i wore mine to work and have gotten tons of complements!!
let me know if you have questions or need more explaination.

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