Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Resolutions - Part 1

over the next couple of days i will be posting my goals for 2011
here goes PART 1:

1. even though i know i am beautiful just the way i am....i need to shed some poundage.  mainly just to be healthy....but also because i dont want to be a chubby bride (lame i know but its true)

2.  plan my wedding and get married to my bestfriend....te amo dave

3.  finish the paintings i have started and maybe do a few new ones.  ive been sewing, knitting, and embroidering all this year and havent really done any painting or drawing...i miss it.

4.  go on a few roadtrips/adventures with friends and family

5. learn to play the ukulele with dave.  he just bought one and now ive got the would be fun to play little ukulele duets with him.  (how cute is zooey dechanel...she is fab)
stay tuned....more 2011 goals to come!
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dave said...

I can't wait for next year. It's going to an adventure just being married. Can't wait!