Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Resolutions - Part 3

Part 3 - its the last one i promise

11.  have more museum dates....whether its with dave or friends and family.  you would think having an Art History Minor would mean you went to museums all the time...but it doesnt.  i miss going and staring at the art...looking at brushstrokes...texture..smelling the varnish.

12.  finally purchase a good record player so that dave and i can listen to the vinyl we have been collecting.

13.  getting involved in a good Bible study (other than Sunday sermon) and building a good solid Christian foundation for our marrige

14. grow my cake business...Little Green Box Shoppe.  the past few months have been really busy for me....constant bookings...bigger and better cakes.  i feel very blessed that i am getting good business.  many people have been asking me when im going to open an actual shop and make this my full-time gig....i wish i could say soon, but the honest truth is that it wont be for a few years.  with the economy the way it is and where im at in my life....the time is just not right to do it now.  so for now i will continue to research and get everything ready for when i can make that leap....and continue making badass cakes....of course!!

15.  blog more. i started this blog because i was so inspired by reading other blogs and wanted to return the favor to anyone who would read mine.  eventually i would love to have a billion followers and sponsors and all the bells a whistles....but for now i will try and be better at posting stuff for my faithful 11 followers....thanks for reading y' really makes my day when i see that people have looked at my blog!
most of the photos are from 2 of them are my own (the obvious ones)

*bring it on 2011*


kristin elena. said...

ooohhh what area of art hist are you interested in? i technically wasn't an art hist minor b/c i got a bfa and we didn't have minors, but i took 18 hrs in college. and now i wish i had double majored. my fave class in my whole college education was art hist of india.

ezzi said...

ooo...thats a tough one to answer. i love all of the ancient civilizaiton art - egyption, roman, and greek. ive had the chance to go to the Lourve a couple of times and almost cried when i got to see some of the pieces i had studied from these eras.

i love the Renaissance periods, Impressionsim, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Post Modernism. aaa...i dont think i have one particular favorite. i love different aspects of all of them. i could never choose.

i do like indian art as well. ive done some reseach on the traditional designs to help me out in my henna tattoos that i do. very beautiful stuff. i wish my school would have offered it as a major. when i was getting close to graduating they had just started offering it as a minor so i jumped at it. ill be posting more art stuff in the future. thanks for reading my ramblings!