Monday, December 13, 2010

what a short....but full weekend

this weekend i had a cake order for a new client (one who will bring me a lot more business).  the cake requested was a "Gucci duffle bag with money coming out of it."  its kind of an odd order....especially since it was for a man's birthday celebration.  but i decided its better not to ask.  so thats what the majority of saturday was.....making cake look like Gucci.  here is a pic of the bag that the client sent me.....
and this is what i was able to come up with:
the lighting in my kitchen makes the pictures look really yellow (not helped by my vintage "harvest gold" countertops).....but i think i did a good job.  i only painted a few Gucci logos....i did them by hand and there was no way i was going to paint hundreds of them.  it was strawberry flavored cake with big chunks of strawberry pieces baked in, filled with my famous sweet cream icing.

also this weekend....i picked up my custom mucho mucho bueno bueno key necklace.  i believe last week...or maybe the week before Brandi posted on her blog that she was taking custom key necklace orders for the holidays.  i already have, and love, my anchor key necklace from i jumped at the chance to get mine and my fiance's name on a key. 
dave and i stoped by Brandi's salon on saturday (yea for being close and not paying shipping!) to pick it up....and its awesome!!  Thanks so much Brandi !!!
im so happy she was able to do the tree design.  maybe, after we are married, when we add kids to our little family we can add more keys to our family tree! Brandi....don't stop making keys

thats all i got for now.  ill be back later with xmas wishlist and other fun things!

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