Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry christmas...wow its been a while

sorry y'all....its been a while since i last posted.  thats what the holidays to do ya....makes you forget everything.  this Christmas was pretty quiet.  we didnt do a lot of gift giving because of money....we are trying to save for the wedding and other big stuff coming up so gifts were very minimal.  dave and i went to my moms house for Christmas breakfast/Sis' birthday celebration and then headed over to his family's house to hang out. 

Christmas night we were once again invited to play Christmas Bingo with a close friend's family.  apparently Dave and I are really lucky at Bingo (there really isnt a way to cheat)....the past 3 years in a row we've won multiple times.  This year wasnt any different.....I won twice, Dave won twice, and we both threw a couple games because we felt bad cause we kept winning.  whenever you win a game you get to pick a "bingo present" (everyone brings a couple bingo presents) out of a pile and its fun to unwrap the mystery present....usually fun gag gifts.  this year i brought BaconPop (bacon flavored popcorn which im embarrassed to say is really yummy).  Dave won a candle and a giant...i mean giant zippo lighter.  i wont a plug-in scent warmer from yankee candle and handmade pillow.  always a good time.  dave had family come in to visit from Mexico...we had fun hanging out with cousins.  we had Christmas dinner with  his family on Sunday afternoon/evening.  All in all a good low key Christmas. 

this week at work is pretty quiet to....i guess people took the whole week off.  i found out yesterday that i got a promotion....yea...finally.  i am now a senior records anyalyst.  cant wait to see what my pay adjustment will be....im thankful for anything right now....every little bit helps. 

i also am booked for two cakes this week.  one of them, completed last night, is for a 30 somthing doctor.  the girl who ordered it had no ideas on how to have it decorated so i just came up with something.....that im pretty please with.  what do you think?
i think it turned out ok.  it says man cake.....right?  i have to deliver it tonight....fingers crossed the client will be happy with it.  i have another cake on the books for the end of the week.  the client wants the cake to look like a "Bugatti" car.  i had never heard of this car till i had to look it up to see if i could even do what the client was asking for.  ill post pics when im done....please say a prayer for me....it will be a tough one.

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